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My experience with corproate IT is that they tend to be a very narrow minded bunch that are for the most part "full of it". The reason for this was explained to me by my son who's been doing courses in various IT subjects, including security -- its all about protection from the enemy within, making sure that knowledge is siloed so that no individual employee knows too much and so could threaten the enterprise. This promotes a sort of "NCO" mentality, a general understanding that they're the fount of all IT knowledge, their actions sanctioned by, and implementing policies conceived by, senior manangement are sacrocanct and are never to be questioned. There's also mindset that favors familiar products from known vendors, accepting uncritically all updates from the chosen vendors (which is obviously something enthusiastically endorsed by their sales department).

Anyone who has been working with systems for a significant period of time knows that this is asking for trouble. But I'm old so what do I know?

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