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I've recently upgraded (not fresh install, which often was the only safe way on Windows) from Linux Mint 18.3 to Mint 20.1 as the support ends in April. The last 32 bit version is 19.3.

It comes with LO Version:, which seems fine. I'd manually upgraded via LO direct from 5.x something to LO 6.2.x while on Mint 18.3, both of those were fine.

I do have to re-add Lightproof Grammar AND change the default settings of it via Plug-in Managment.

Been using LO instead of MS Office, completely, since 2014 and finally completely switched to Linux in December 2016, though used it on servers and test systems and dual boot since 1999.

I do have a copy of MS Word 2003 (only) on WINE, which I've only run to check it's working, a full Office XP on a VM and also a copy of MS Word on a VM and an old XP box, none of which gets used.

Used Word since 2.0a and MS Office since 4.3. Used to sell MS products.

In 10 years of supporting and selling MS stuff, the only support I could get from them was TechNet and MSDN CDs. Expensive.

Currently online searches for Linux and LO Issues is better than that and better than MS's web site which now seems to mostly sell Office 365. Many articles seem gone or hidden.

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