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The Document Foundation updates LibreOffice Community to 7.1.1

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As you seem never to have looked at what it's actually about: the LibreOffice download page always offers two versions.

Currently its 7.1.1 and 7.0.4. The first is the enthusiast's version, the second is the stable version and was the one that used to be labelled for business deployment or words to that effect. Once 7.1 is deemed stable enough, say at 7.1.4 it will be the older option and 7.2.0 or possibly 8.0.0 will become the enthusiast's version.

The stable versions continue to receive bug fixes. The previous stable version was 6.4 and that ended up at (at least). An OS's repository might offer something older - for Mint 20.1 it's 6.4.6.

The only difference now is that LO are trying to push those willing to pay towards firms such as Collabora who actually do the development work and need to improve their income streams. In part it seems to be a consequence of the Document Foundation painting themselves into a corner by having a constitution whereby they couldn't actually pay for development so those of us who thought our donations were going to development discovered they weren't.

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