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The Document Foundation updates LibreOffice Community to 7.1.1

karlkarl Silver badge

"The fixes lurk in the Community edition of LibreOffice, aimed squarely at enthusiasts and early adopters"

"The Document Foundation (TDF) would much prefer biz customers sign up for something from the LibreOffice Enterprise family of applications"

And yet I am neither of those things.

1) I am hardly enthusiastic. I hate having to use office software

2) Early adopter... hardly, I cringe every time my package manager has updated packages and keep them held for as long as possible.

3) As part of my professional work, I don't really deal with office documents either. So certainly not a biz customer.

I suspect this is all just lies and that LibreOffice "Community" is in fact just for normal people to use like normal software and just get on with their lives.

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