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It only took four years and thousands of complaints but ICANN finally kills off rogue Indian domain registrar

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"is trying to fix Boris Johnson by overhauling democracy"

Well... Nah, it's Friday, let's leave that be...

As for the "DNS system", there are two parts to it. The first is the technical part of matching textual names to numerical IP addresses. That, glitches aside, pretty much works as defined.

The other part is the method of allocating what names are to be associated with a given address. somewhat more broken, with TLDs seemingly created not so much according to need but more for generating money. Plus the idea to buying interesting sounding words to flog at a vastly inflated price. Then there's the part about artificially raising prices because... (especially when you're the monopoly and people can't go elsewhere)

That would be more like fixing Boris Johnson by holding him accountable.

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