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Chancellor launches £500m business software subsidy in the UK. What's 'approved' software then?

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Does the Chancellor owns shares in Xero, Intuit, etc by any chance?

Don't really get this myself; historical "subsidy" schemes like the Individual Learning Account can be disastrous in terms of administration. For those that don't remember ILA; it was a good idea; badly executed. A lot of people saw flaws in the administrative processes of ILA and set up a pair of shell companies; one inputting data to "register" claimants, the other, to "sell" something to purported claimants (often, an e-book so you could extract money from the ILA scheme with no physical goods to bother about). The scheme was such that you could effectively print money by typing in names from the phone book.

Admin concerns aside, most of the budget appears to be relatively sensible; BUT; what is not in the budget is far more damning than what is in there. Keir called them out on this; one of the first times I've thought he delivered a half effective speech. Useless, awful first-past-the-post...

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