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Similar experiences here as well, I use DDG by default, switching to other sites if needed.

In general, if I'm searching for a product name, what I'm looking for tends to be resolving an issue, trying to find a specification, or tying to find an independent review.

Instead Google floods me with retailers and special offers, which 99% of the time I have no interest in, and often aren't even for the product I was searching for! If I'm actually buying something, I'll generally go directly to a retailer, one I've used before and know (or at least hope) I'll get good service from.

The one thing I'd say with DDG, whilst good for most things, it seems quite poor for some specific types of searches, such as error messages. As an example, searching for a specific error message (log files, application errors etc), where an exact match for the entire phrase is needed. Often DDG will have nothing at all relevant in the results to the search that was run, whereas Google finds several exact matches for the same search.

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