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It only took four years and thousands of complaints but ICANN finally kills off rogue Indian domain registrar

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Whois has for a long time be a bad implemented, as having it open for all to see means it just gets picked up by scammers and bad actor who use the info to try and scam people or just spamming them. I know because I had one of those fake renewal notices sent to the postal address shown on the whois info, trying to get me to pay $250 for a renewal that was only $20. So after that I opted to use privacy whois where the registrar no longer showed my real email and address in the whois.

That is always how it should have been set up, legitimate need to contact the domain owner could go through a email forwarding address, and law enforcement agencies can get a warrant to get the registrar to provide the registrants billing address details should they need it.

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