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Two ransomware strains target VMware’s ESXI hypervisor through stolen vCenter creds

FlamingDeath Silver badge

I take it you’ve never hacked before?

There is a distinction between security and functionality

You can make things so secure they are no longer functional, vice versa is true also, its so functional and convenient its a security risk.

Which do you think most companies will pick?

Convenience, or security?

The web browser is one of the most at risk targets that lusers use daily, who probably wouldn't know what javascript was even if you explained it to them

Some people cant go a week without destroying their mobile phone like the clumsy and inattentive cunts they are, so explaining the risks to them that opening random junk mail items without understanding why its in the spam folder to begin with is a wasted effort

Meanwhile, the CEO is having their 7th holiday this year

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