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none of that now

I have earned a skill set on how to actually live and thrive in this world. Let's see I can actually move and actually use my hands to push buttons. I can do well for myself, thanks you very much. So no Alexa, Google assistance, or MS dumb assistant. The only weakness I have about things are my 4000 books that keep multiplying every so often like rabbits. I use technology as the tool they are, like a hammer and a nail. Of course if I was disable, could not move or think well I'm sure I would welcome the voices in the boxes to lend a hand. But "knock on wood" I have yet to reach that point. The less of those things are in our home, the more we own our environment. I like to own my space without the spies of corporations in that space with the no so altruism of helping. Seriously, people complain that they can't go anywhere outside without being spy or follow by cameras but yet still pay to be spy in the last space that has privacy: Their Home. That don't make any sense to me.

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