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Talk to a computer? why would I do that?

I really really don't get the obsession with talk controlled everything. Even my car does it! (though to be fair it makes a better fist of voice recognition than Google does). Gettting the technological marvells to recognise what I want is invariably slower than fishing my phone out of my pocket, opening a browser and typing on a tiny keyboard.... or even just pressing the buttons on the steering wheel to acheive exactly the same thing (OK sending a txt is more tricky at the wheel, so obviously park up first or just switch the flipping phone to DnD when on the road)


Then, of course, you run into issues where there are two voice recognisers on one device (I am looking at you, LG 'Smart' TVs...) where the Google version can't turn off the TV, yet the LG version, supposedly powered by Google, can.... and how do you get the LG one to work? you have to disable the Google integration, which, apparently breaks the LG Voice Recognition (it doesn't, but it claims that it does!) for the TV.

The things you have to say to get it to do anything useful are a) difficult to remember and b) not natural speech. Far simpler and quicker to find the remote and press the button, or fire up the LG remote software on the phone and do whatever that way.


It's ok Matron, I have taken my medicne...

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