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Pascal Monett Silver badge

So, the thieves published designs of 10-year-old tech

Okay, they might well have accessed more recent designs but, on the other hand, I doubt they have the technical ability to choose designs that are old before revealing more recent ones.

Of course, the creation date of the files might render that argument moot.

If they only got their hands on decade-old tech, maybe it doesn't matter so much ? It has surely been replaced by more recent tech. Sure, it's still a bad thing for the companies involved and their customers, but it might make it easier to decide not to pay them - which, ideally, should never happen.

Obviously, even 10-year-old tech designs could be very interesting for some third parties, so yeah, it's still a bad thing. This is military hardware though, those thieves might want to start looking over their shoulders in the future. The CIA can reach pretty far when it wants to.

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