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I don't want your help

Don't know if this is important, but my new Android mobile phone has this button on the side that brings up a "How can I help" assistant. The button is perfectly placed so that it unwittingly gets pressed every time one handles the phone. One day, in a rage, I managed to switch on a blighter that was reading the news while some female robot voice wanted to know how it could help me. Not being used to UI's that have been thoroughly millnialized, I could not figure out how to exit the news. Then this robot starts asking me "How can I help?", to which I requested the Google go away. But I may have been using some words and a tone of voice that would clearly indicate that I did not wish to be helped by Google's robot (i.e. F-OFF GOOGLE!!!!!). My rage doubled when this thing actually said: "I'm sorry if I upset you".

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