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"The Unorthodox Engineers were the subject of a series of science fiction short stories by Colin Kapp. They were a misfit bunch of engineers who solved problems of alien technology/weird planets in the future. The stories had a very large grain-of-salt-type humor.

They were commanded by maverick engineer Fritz van Noon and included, amongst others, a convicted bank robber as quartermaster (on the entirely-sound grounds that he was likely to be the most capable person for the job).

The Unorthodox Engineers originally appeared in various British SF magazines:

"The Railways Up on Cannis" (New Worlds October, 1959)

"The Subways of Tazoo" (New Writings in SF 3)

"The Pen and the Dark" (New Writings in SF 8)

"Getaway from Getawehi" (New Writings in SF 16)

"The Black Hole of Negrav" (New Writings in SF 25)."

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