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Campaigners demand judicial review of NHS deal with Peter Thiel's AI firm Palantir

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Fans of /r/wsb who think Palantir are the next Google would do well to pay close attention to this. Palantir don't win business by shipping a better product or solving customer problems, they use Peter Thiel and co.'s clout to take the chief exec out to dinner and bamboozle them with Top Secret Voodoo ("funded by the CIA wink wink..") and Silicon Valley Exceptionalism. They'll turn this into an eight, nine or even ten figure whole-enterprise transformation deal and deploy a hundred consultants to staff it.

And chances are it won't work. Coca Cola, American Express, Home Depot etc. etc. etc. all speak for themselves.

If it isn't a crime they were allowed anywhere near the NHS it bloody well should be

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