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it's become a REAL plague since IR outsourced most of their backend operations to highly dubious, shady entrepreneurs which, according to media, operate with impunity, from the maze of backstreets of central London, Lancaster or Llandudno where, apparently, ANYTHING goes and where they pay the locals as little as 15 gbp per hour!!!!! The other day I tried to complain to an IR bot calling himself "Rahul" (yeah, right, more like Bob or Peter!), but all he was able to produce was some gibberish like our programme is founded on a robust evidence base and evaluation strategy, its projects are developed through co-design with communities and delivered through a service improvement methodology therefore we anticipate that most interventions worked on will have been resolved within a period of one year—after which successful solutions will be mainstreamed into the work of the trusts and spread nationally. This will ensure long-term sustainability of equality and diversity into our core business (...). Soon after this "chat" I found my bank account suddenly10000 Rps short! It is disgraceful that our government allows this daylight robbery to go on, this outrage must stop!!!

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