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Mozilla Firefox keeps cookies kosher with quarantine scheme, 86s third-party cookies in new browser build

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Only one buttock?

This, yet again, seems a half arsed solution to only part of the problem.

Under European Directive 2002/58/EC (implemented in the UK as the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003) there is a distinction made between cookies essential for providing a service to the user (e.g. shopping cart purchase lists) and other cookies. This is regardless of whether [a] they are literally "cookies" or any other kind of tracker, and [b] they are first or third party in origin. At the risk of over-simplification, essential cookies are allowed automatically, but informed user consent is required for non-essential cookies.

So measures that only address literal cookies but not other trackers, or that only distinguish between first and third party trackers, do not protect user privacy to any useful extent.

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