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Microsoft staffers restive as annual employee poll lands – without questions about compensation

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Anonymous Coward

Double checking post-anonymous, too. Employee surveys are a regular feature in our place. Certain results affect managerial pay deals, so it's regarded with some importance.

Unfortunately, certain (senior) managers are also have lucrative bonus arrangements on the basis of running their department "successfully" below theoretical headcount, and this element is worth more than the survey upside that is applicable to all managerial grades.

Consequently the same problems the survey has highlighted for the past 20 years continue, unresolved and un-invested. Surviving on spreadsheets and human glue, rather than doing things properly. Sooner or later something will break as a result... But as long as they get away with it it's regarded as successful. Ironically the auditors did (finally) pick up on the staff complaints over the spreadsheet dependency, BUT little to no meaningful action taken about it.

I'd jump ship but it's otherwise too kushy a gig to turn my nose up at the paycheque.

I'm less certain the stock market agrees with the approach, given the price is down roughly 15 percent in the last 6 weeks following certain dangerously-close-to-catastrophic events happening back to back.

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