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Samsung also sell 'de-glitzed' versions of the flagships, such as the S9 E and the S20 FE. Buying those would give Samsung hard sales figures that might affect their future decision making. Just a thought.

I like the LG phones too. The G2 was a great all-rounder and first Android device with support for native playback and output of high res audio. After that, the G range went a bit odd ( like their doomed from the start module system), leaving their less publicised V range to be their sensible offerings (at a time when it was harder to distinguish Android flagships). Then LG had a bit of bad luck with a bootloop issue.

Freeing up screen space by placing signal and battery status bars in line with the front camera was implemented by LG (with a small secondary screen) before the iPhone did the same with the 'notch'.

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