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Brave browser leaks visited Tor .onion addresses in DNS traffic, fix released after bug hunter raises alarm

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The Reg checked with Kia, and the answer was pretty unequivocal: “We are aware of online speculation that Kia is subject to a ransomware attack," a spokesperson told us. "At this time, and based on the best and most current information, we can confirm that we have no evidence that Kia or any Kia data is subject to a ransomware attack."

Then what else could it be?

The other alternative explanation could be that their IT infra was not up to standards, and something borked, taking out a whole load of services.

“We are learning about these new attacks, some coming from states as part of new conflicts between nations, others coming from mafias,” Macron said in a briefing on Thursday, adding that ANSSI would need support from other countries to beat the ransomware scourge.

The only way to stop these kind of attacks is to identify the ne'er-do-wells 100%, then go and have a nice talk with them, taking a baseballl bat with, and performing some percussion maintenance on the ne'er-do-wells kneecaps as well as any and sundry computer equipment.

Or disconnect completely from the Internet.

Yigitali Ercan, 33, of Philadelphia, was charged with second degree computer hacking after his former bosses told police Ercan had entered the company's computer systems illegally after leaving and made changes to the corporate website. A day later the company was hit by ransomware that encrypted files for extortion.

Probably a wannabe BOFH, or somebody in the company got careless with security?

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