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Re: "Court digitisation has gone poorly in the UK"

Pascal Monett> "Could someone please point me to a Government IT project that has not gone poorly in the UK ?"

Of course not, they are all classified "TOP SECRET". If there were known to be competent systems integrators who delivered IT systems on time, to budget which actually met the well-researched and clearly defined specifications, then HMG would never be able to give lucrative contracts to their failing friends again. Use your common sense.

As for the lifts, I used the ones in Empress State Building near Earl's Court. Everyone tried to avoid lift number 6 because it was clearly there on holiday from the future of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, would go up or down as it chose and would frequently NOT OPEN THE DOOR when it stopped at the floor of its choice, even though my name is not Dave and I wasn't conspiring against it. (But I'm over that now and bear it no ill will.)

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