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Part of the problem is scale. A fiend in the MoD once asked me why I was sure the NHS project (whichever one it was at the time) would fail and I said, "Because it would be the biggest successful IT project ever completed anywhere in the world by anyone in the whole history of IT if it did work. Does that sound likely?"

Don't kid yourself that the private sector has a long list of successful IT projects on this scale because it ain't so; quite the opposite.

Courts and NHS both have enormously wide parameters about what sort of documents they have to be able to handle and the skills of the people handling them - which includes bods off the street in both cases.

It's a bloody hard task, not helped by the fact that the Govt puts no effort into finding a decent partner but always turns to crooks like KPMG and the other shitbags of multinational consultancy. But even so, there just are not many (if any) companies capable of implementing this stuff.

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