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Secure, but available to everyone?

It will have to be made very clear who is the actual customer (i.e., the person who actually states the requirements and pays the invoices), as opposed to all the various different users.

You have to be very careful how you treat the various PCUs (Professional Court Users). Lawyers, barristers etc. representing clients get access to the relevant court files, but Judges, get 'whatever they want'. You have to provide access to court documents somehow to people representing themselves, over secure WiFi in the court building, whilst at the same time preventing anyone else from using the free WiFi for anything else. And then there are the central systems.

The lucky appointee will have to balance many customers' interests, wants and desires, but note that "customers" is an anagram of "curse most". Now I am not saying that judges are a law unto themselves, but they do not, as a whole, appear to enjoy being told "no, you cannot have that", or even asked "why do you need that?"

I do not envy whoever takes this on, and £130k per year does not seem very much for anyone who actually has the necessary talents to get it done well. However, Bill Gates is no longer running MicroSoft, so maybe he can be persuaded? ;o)

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