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New FCC boss leaps into action by… creating three committees to look at longstanding problems and come back at some point

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It does little good

For the Biden FCC to reverse decisions made under the Trump FCC which reversed decisions made under the Obama FCC which reversed decisions made under the Bush FCC.

The only proper fix is legislation, and it will take some time and some data to even hope to build enough of a consensus to get a majority vote on anything that goes against the telcos best interests. I think everyone would agree the congress a LOT more important things to deal with right now than stuff like net neutrality or how to best determine broadband availability, so studying the issues and coming back later probably makes sense. IMHO the best chance to get something passed might be in the lame duck sessions after the 2022 election - you have outgoing members in both parties who don't have to be beholden to deep pocket telco donors any longer.

Those who are rooting for her to quickly undo what Pai did via FCC orders need to realize it will just be undone again down the road and solve nothing.

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