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Honestly, who's ever looked at an incoming CV and said to themself "Hey! This dev has some great certifications"

I've been consulting on data protection for clients of all sizes since the year 2000 (two generations of the legislation) but I have to operate independently because every employer (including consultancies) requires candidates to have taken an expensive shallow training course lasting less than two weeks.

One such course advertised itself as equipping those who passed a computer marked multiple choice test for employment as a Data Protection Officer. This is a statutory role mandating independent judgement and action, where mistakes could land an employer with a 2M euro fine, and in some cases ruin the lives of data subjects. But although two weeks' training from scratch qualifies, apparently 20 years experience doesn't. This explains a lot about the general level of non-compliance.

So yes, HR does rely on post nominal acronyms they don't understand. It's less effort than finding out how competent candidates actually are.

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