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Another (cheaper) alternative?

"the rollout of new applications, and digital projects by helping customers understand how people actually do their jobs, as opposed to how the business thinks they work."

How about asking those that do the job?

When we do process analysis, we start our enquiries at the front line and work backwards towards management. That way we find out what actually happens as opposed to just what the "policies" say. We usually find out that the policies are irrelevant to everyday activities, as [a] they don't get read or followed, [b] they wouldn't work even if followed if they're specific, or [c] they're so vague they could mean almost anything.

People generally find out by experience what the most economic way of doing their job is. The only really essential adjustment to that is to ensure it's also safe and legal. That's where consultation and training should come in.

The idea that upper echelons know better than their staff about how to do the job is fallacious in most cases. The very exceptional boss gets his or her hands dirty from time to time and finds out the realities. The rest just assume they are automatically wiser than those they manage.

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