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New FCC boss leaps into action by… creating three committees to look at longstanding problems and come back at some point

Fred Goldstein

This was an unnecessary hit piece. The FCC has a wide range of authority -- most likely not including Section 230 -- and has to deal with a lot of things at once. 911 fee diversion, for instance, is when a state puts a 911 fee on the phone bill, which is normal, but it's not all used to support 911 and related services, but is simply used as general tax revenue. It's a sneaky politician trick, not legal, and so the FCC is properly looking into it. Mapping is a huge problem too since coverage maps are used to target subsidies, and (this should not be surprising) some carriers' coverage maps are, well, rather a *bit* generous. A lot of important stuff is going on there too, including spectrum policy and some refarming.

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