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Amazon to build its own consumer hardware in India, starting with Fire TV sticks


You’re busy beating up your own straw man entirely unrelated to the original response I made .The original contention was straightforward- “Ayurveda is quackery” . None of what you said has anything to do with it.

What you’re doing is arguing that the only form of medicine is modern medicine. That’s untrue and all those websites prove you wrong.

Your entire argument is about the fact that Ayurveda - and you can apply that same standard to every other system of traditional medicine - does not follow the statistical basis of modern medicine. Well no shit , it’s traditional medicine.

More fundamentally it is still medicine - if it was quackery then NIH, NHS, ICMR, JHU, Mayo Clinic and wouldn’t be listing it with information on how to utilize it. If they were offering informative data on quackery they’d have pages on ‘radium water’ too.

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