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Amazon to build its own consumer hardware in India, starting with Fire TV sticks


Let me define quackery for you, since you're dancing around it, off

Quackery: the characteristic practice of quacks or charlatans, who pretend to knowledge and skill that they do not possess, particularly in medicine.

In other words, Cancer Research UK explicitly lists something that the original commentator asserts is quackery. Therefore, if he is true, Cancer Research UK explicitly is ok with listing information about practices that allegedly constitute quackery.

The reality is that the other commenter is dead wrong. He quoted wikipedia, which got its facts wrong. He didn't even read the linked IMA document, which if he did, he did not understand.

Ayurveda, like Chinese Traditional Medicine, is an alternative traditional medicine system that's been around for a few millenia. Its uses and constraints are well known within India, and it is incredibly popular. Passing it off as quackery because one can't be bothered to read the very material they quote is dumb.

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