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Virgin Media adds 200% to its new broadband contracts in 2020, slips back in black (just)

David 155

sounds familiar

This all sounds painfully familiar. My price for 200mbps will soon rise to around £45.

After 30 mins on hold I was told theres nothing they can do. For about an hour could not get any sense out of one of their chat people about a 'deal' being offered to me on their website for tv, phone and internet that was about £10 cheaper than current package. Despite not even wanting tv and phone I go through the wizard to order it anyway and on the last page the price is £19 higher than advertised- that'll be the line rental and believe it is not legal anymore to show prices which exclude this.

Once openreach get around to upgrading the network in my area I'll be switching, not just because of the price but because the customer service is atrocious. Shame because the connection is decent.

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