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I pay 48 quid for 350mbps. I joined them early last year, thought I'd take a risk on them having been let down by their contention issues some years before. The price I'm paying is of course an offer, there's no way I'm paying them any more for it when the deal is up though. Retentions is your friend, you may actually have to go all the way through to cancel, I can almost guarantee you that you will get someone ring you with a deal before your end date.

I can have gigabit in my area, which would be nice for the novelty factor and that's about it. Oddly they don't offer this as an upgrade, I could only get it from the start of the contract. I also wanted to add TV to my package, the offers page told me it would only be a few quid more. Then when I went to checkout the price bore no resemblance to the one offered at the start. I tried a live chat with them to moan. Never heard back from them. It seems they're deliberately doing themselves out of easy money by not paying attention to easy to fix issues. So their numbers could be better.

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