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I pay VM (yearly price hike hello), 45 quid for 100Mbps, no shitty tv package, straight internet. For about half that, i.e. 25 quid I can get [up to] 66Mbps via phone line. Sure, it seems like a more-or-less fair balance on both options, but I rarely see much of that 100Mbps anyways. My ftp upload is 1.2 mbps (and yes, I do need to upload large data on regular basis), and my average download on anything (whenever I bother to look) is around 2 - 10 Mbps. Sure, if my wife has a teams session and both kids join theirs (remote learning, etc.), perhaps the connection is maxed, but other than that, I can admire 100 Mbps connection on one of those speed-testing sites, which I'm pretty sure are 'optimized to give you top speed. So, frankly, 60 Mbps is going to be more than enough, most of the time (no 4K or 8K streaming, nosir). In a way, it's a shame to leave VM because I generally have no issues with their connection, other than their f... annoying habit of updating my VM hub bang in the middle of the day, rather than at 4 a.m.

but, imo, in the long run, those price hikes by virgin can't go forever (and 1 gigabit is just a gimmick, unless you're into 4K / 8K streaming).

by the way, it will be interesting to see if VM start getting undercut by 5G mobile services and, at some point, by Musk starlink (which, at the moment, is too pricey, until, presumably, it reaches a critical mass).

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