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"trying to get systemd to run the script"

There's your problem. I suspect that systemd was written by (and for) people who have an absolute aversion to shell scripts. When I have gotten systemd to start a service by pointing it at a (suitably modified) init script, its supporters have replied with something approaching an autistic outburst. When systemd was first under development, the outcry against init was 'just look at how many process IDs it uses'. I suspect that these people came from a Windows background. Where running out of resources is a real issue and solved by repeated reboots.

Sure, scripts are slower and less able to leverage parallelism. For processes that run several times a minute or more, this is significant. But startup and shutdown are typically run every few weeks on my machines. A few more seconds isn't going to kill me. But here again, something that is an anathema in the Windows world where this has to be done frequently.

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