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As much as I applaud anything that brings some attention to the *BSD world, this really isn't the thing stopping me from using it on the desktop. Having recently tried to do so again, here is a numbered list of what stopped me dead in my tracks.

1) Woeful Wi-Fi support. FreeBSD does not have any support for wireless AC, which means that no card newer than the N generation will work. This was an absolute dealbreaker.

2) No bluetooth support to speak of. I use this for audio quite frequently, and it not being there was a PITA.

3) Lack of support for containerized applications. This one isn't really FreeBSD's fault, since the issues come from that entire ecosystem relying on Linux-specific functionality, but it made it hard to use it for my day job.

4) Lack of support for USB HID devices in the udev emulation, which made USB peripherals annoying to get working in some cases.

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