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Nothing actually is offensive. But people are sometimes determined to believe things are offensive. Let's take responsibility for own thoughts , values and self generations of emotion. You are self authored creature your responsible to yourselfand physics for the way you react to things. Offensiveness is not an objective property of matter. Its reflection of the way the person who is offended chooses to view the world. Being offended shuts down the side of your brain that is intelligent, to revel in a emotional distortion that is not pleasant. This can be fairly interpreted as a habitual mental act of self harm.

Just because other people react a certain way does not mean you have to. The more that offends a person the more limited the person is. One can oppose something out of pragmatism with out losing perspective and becoming emotionally compromised. Their is no need to practise the self deception of projected offense.

Social standards are no excuse for not personally Testing concepts for fuction and alternatives before accepting them as exclusive or authoritative. Are you a person or are you a fleshy unconscious robot?

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