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I don't have an issue with GIMP. Not now, anyway, and always recommend it to people when they have a need.

But in the early days - when I first became aware of it (mid- to late-90s, I think), and in those times when you could be supplied with a virus or two on a magazine floppy disk - the name did make me a little suspicious, and even held me off installing it for a while.

I mean, I'm sure some people were also suspicious of the name, and actively sought to install it.

But the name of any package could have at least a small impact* on take up unless people are in the know.

Incidentally, El Reg covered this a while back where the code has forked to provide Glimpse in order to do away with the name connotations some people find offensive.

* Please note I am not criticising the name, or suggesting it be changed.

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