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When you say discrete cards do you mean they might put their graphics cores onto a PCI-E card?

That's what I'd ideally have bought this time round. The old HP Z620 with a Xeon doesn't have any means to support the CPU based Graphics as with their i-series processors so I have to use a card and it looked like there's basically only a choice between AMD and NVIDIA at the moment. This also seems to mean that the bulk of available cards are highly expensive 3d chips when all I want is a solid 2d desktop workhorse.

I noticed that there are some Matrox branded cards but I'm not sure if they're actually still AMD chips.

I suppose the problem now is that desktops are generally kept for either gaming or high end specialist stuff like CAD whilst your average user has moved to using a laptop for everything. That was/is me, but I wanted to offload some of my development stuff onto a beefier machine with more RAM.

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