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I'm willing to try KDE again as it's been a while but I am a bit fixated on using a no-frills UI which I think is almost perfect in MATE.

I was never keen on things like single clicking in KDE doing what a double click should do although I presume that's configurable?

The main problem for me if that there really isn't a mainstream web browser that's based on Qt, nor am I aware of a Qt based version of Thunderbird which I rate very highly as a mail client.

So if want to use Mozilla stuff, or Google stuff then it's all based on GTK and so will have all the new GNOME atrocities bundled in even if my main desktop environment were KDE.

One application that isn't part of GNOME but which has adopted the new toolbar layout is 'Remmina' which is a brilliant remote desktop client for RDP, VNC and others. When they first switched over they still have XFCE users a classic menu but then decided it was too much maintenance and removed it. So now it's got Client-Side Decorations, fat title bar with integrated hamburger and other buttons plus they've switched their icons from colourful bitmaps to monochrome SVGs which make it look terribly bland. GNOME/GTK could easily allow their menu building code to accept a user choice and render accordingly and Remmina could have allowed themes or a choice of classic Vs new icons. But they didn't. Some developer just decided they'd fundamentally change the user interface and all the uses just have to suck it up. That's the sort of thing we expect from Microsoft - I'm disappointed that some FOSS players are now taking the same approach.

Anyway... Next time I'm trying live USB images I'll give KDE a spin

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