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From the article:

As you would expect from the creator of AppImage, application bundles play a part in the helloSystem design. The OS supports "simplified GNUstep-style .app bundles,"

There is also support for ROX-style bundles, ROX being another open-source packaging format, and for wrappers that allow traditionally installed applications.

Not much software is installed on first boot, but applications such as the Falkon web browser (as used by KDE, also Qt-based) download and install on demand.

This all indicates to me that either pkg is not used or is hidden under a "wrapper" and at least some apps are installed using specially created bundles or packages.

"wrappers that allow traditionally installed applications." is the closest indication that pkg may still be available and usable in this "distro" and that's fair enough, if true, but the article barely doesn't mention whether it's possible to do a pkg install without having to do it through a wrapper.

If it IS possible and DOES use the pkg system, then maybe the article needs updating.

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