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Aaaarrrrgh! Nooooo! Hamburger menu? No thanks.

I totally agree about the context menu behind a daft idea. I always found it very inefficient having to move to the very top of the screen for the menus when I used a Mac.

Personally I like each application to have a classic menu bar attached to its window and I'm dead against hamburgers on desktop OSes - it's an extra unnecessary click each time to get to the menu. With GTK3+ the GNOME team has deprecated classic menu bars (and might remove them in GTK4!) and they've converted most of their applications to use a fat title bar with a hamburger and other large buttons embedded into it (yuck!).

This is trickling, unavoidably, down into every other desktop that is based on GTK including MATE which I use, and XFCE which is really pissing of the desktop purists now.

I'm losing hope about it now - it's almost irreversible already :-(

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