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The "woke" brigade on Reddit and elsewhere deem the usage of "GIMP", "gimp" and "gimped" to be extremely offensive

Oh, I wondered why & so went searching and found a derrogatory term for someone that is disabled, & insult implying that someone is incompetent, stupid, & sex slave. All of these are different contexts from image editing - so what is the problem ? I assume that most of us understand that many homophones exist where words have multiple meanings ?

Of course: if I try hard I can switch off my brain's empathy circuits and view the world entirely from my own perspective and thus fail to understand that others are different and so become offended by their different use of words. But most of us are more intelligent that that ... are we not ?

I expect that some SJWs will down-vote this comment as they believe that everyone must avoid using words that their clique has decided are offensive and insist on pushing those memes much to the bemusement of others who were using them in a different context and had no intention of being rude about anyone.

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