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Screen edge menus

I'm not a fan of screen edge menus for programs (although the "system functions" (Applications, Places, System) menus in Gnome 2 worked well, I felt).

Fitts' Law is important to remember for many things, but, for application menus, what might have worked well for menus on the smaller screens of 80s and early 90s computers doesn't work well for menus on large workstation monitors today.

If you have a large workstation monitor, it's usually because you have several less-than-full-screen windows open at once (for a good reason), and for any programs open on the right hand side, and especially bottom right, of my monitor, any time saving in being able to hit the screen edge is outweighed by the time (and physical motion required) to haul the mouse pointer all the way over to the top left. And for the most common use cases, I save even more time by using the keyboard shortcuts for the menu items instead anyway.

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