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"pull-down menus are superior to any other kind."

If only Apple themselves still remembered that.

After the usual cautious wait for other people to find the initial bugs, I finally updated my own Mac to MacOS Big Sur recently.

Whereas before there were nice simple pull-down menus for choosing between WiFi networks, etc, Apple have now given us a rather iOS-like "Control Center" bulky blob which requires all kinds of extra clicketty-clicketty to open up its various nested contents (rather than just simply moving the mouse pointer down and up a menu). And I wonder how well it works for users who have special accessibility needs?

(Big Sur also has the rather strange feeling that it itself is a second-rate GNOME theme Aqua-knock-off, rather than the real thing: the slightly puffed up window titlebars just don't look/feel right (you now even have to click to open the search field in a Finder window, which is an extra unnecessary step), and neither do the frosted-glass and oddly vertically stretched out menus (I also feel that the translucency detracts from their usability, being not quite so contrasty/readable, and the fact that extra graphics rendering has to be going on for these unnecessary and backwards effects makes everything feel unnecessarily sluggish, responsiveness always being a key reqiurement for any interface).)

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