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virtual desktops provide "good enough" functionality

It depends what you're doing. If you need a couple of documents open side-by-side, such as something you're working on and something you're referring to swapping workspaces doesn't cut it.

Yesterday, for instance, I was extracting dates from a PDF of medieval records to convert to conventional dates, tabulated in a spreadsheet. Workspace 1 had the PDF occupying the left half of the screen. The lower right had my own program for cleaning up rubbish OCR text from the PDF to paste into the spreadsheet. The dates there were along the lines of "Friday after the feast of St Barnabas[June 11]"*. The spreadsheet was in the top right, set to all workspaces.

Flip to WS 2 & I had not only the spreadsheet but a terminal open to run cal for the year concerned to find out what day June 11 was in 1309 or whenever. Also a jotting pad for working out some of the more complicated logic round the variable feasts (Easter etc).

Multiple desktops help but an essential part of the mix is being able to maximise use of the desktop to display the document being worked on alongside so much other stuff. Even the task bar is set to autohide to allow maximum use of the space.

* The original editor had provided most of the fixed feast days which cut out a lot of searching.

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