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> Actually "wacky" names like GIMP are an advantage where you can at least search for related information.

That's a fair point; there are downsides to giving an application an overly generic name. However, I still believe that names that hint at the function of an application ( Inkscape, Word, Paint Shop, SolidWorks etc etc) lowers the mental overheads for newcomers.

If just one or two applications have wacky names, well, yeah, the user can get a handle on it quite quickly. But if the package is littered with wacky names for every common type of program, the poor novice user has to juggle say a dozen fuzzy names in their brain - head space they could be better use to complete whatever tasks they sat at the computer to do in the first place. Head space they could better use to learn sone handy nuances, concepts and efficiencies.

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