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Mike Lynch extradition: Uncle Sam offered Autonomy founder $10m bail if he stood trial in the US


Blunkett's 'Kiss' for the Americans

David Blunkett, politician and adulterer, drew his political welfare cheque representing Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough constituency for 28 years and now continues to free-load by sitting in the Lords, agreed to a lop-sided extradition agreement with the States that gave the USA all the benefits and Britain the short end of the stick.

'Justice' in the USA is just a word that has no meaning, judges buy their positions by donations, or favours, to the prevailing political regime at the time of their appointment.

Witness the bench-stuffing that ensued during Trump's reign.

Britain should follow the French system: French citizens get tried in France rather than handed over.

HP had full access to the Autonomy books, so the fault lies with HP and it's then erstwhile political seat warmer Meg Whitman. She failed Hewlett-Packard but the electorate got it right when she failed in politics.

Since the alleged offences Mike Lynch is accused of occurred on British soil, he should be tried here.

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