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In case there was any doubt about using legacy Edge, Microsoft 365 throws its weight behind WebView2

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Just being pedantic, but it's not the lifetime of 'Windows 10'.

Quote from MS: "Internet Explorer 11 will continue receiving security updates and technical support for the lifecycle of the version of Windows on which it is installed."

'Windows 10' is not a version number, that's basically a brand name, '1909', '2004', '20H2' etc are the version numbers.

MS could (I hope) one day simply not include IE in some future version of Windows 10, at which point it would no longer be supported on that version, but would continue to be supported on the older versions whilst they were still in support.

Just a guess, but we are due a new LTSC version of Windows 10 later this year. That would likely be an ideal time to announce a last version of Windows to support IE. That way anyone who really really still needed actual IE for some reason, could use the '21H?' LTSC version of Windows 10, whilst the next version of Windows after that (typically ~6 months later), could come without IE.

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