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In case there was any doubt about using legacy Edge, Microsoft 365 throws its weight behind WebView2

Hubert Cumberdale Silver badge

I'd rather they just removed them all, or at least let me do it myself. This bit:

April's Patch Tuesday, due on the 13th, will strip [legacy Edge] from the operating system...

is great. It's been bugging the hell out of me that I can't get rid of it myself. This bit:

...and pop a Chromium Edge icon into the OS instead.

is not so great. I'm just hoping that my start-up script:

cd %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application\8*\Installer

setup --uninstall --force-uninstall --verbose-logging --system-level

will keep working. I should have the right to choose whether I want a browser installed, but it seems that they've entirely forgotten what happened twenty years ago. Fuck you, Microsoft. Just, fuck you.

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