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Mike Lynch extradition: Uncle Sam offered Autonomy founder $10m bail if he stood trial in the US

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... apparently she also admitted having not read the Due Diligence report ...

So ...

Still not culpable?

In any case, she is just one, albeit an important one, of the many people mixed up in this very turbid affaire.

... may have believed that the deal was irredeemably bad so reading the DD report was a waste of time.

What she may have believed is no excuse for anything.

At least not one for a CFO whose time (wasted or not) was paid for by HP with yearly salary+premiums that are most probably well above $5M.

If she did not read the report, it was nothing short of shallow and indolent.

At the very least, lack of due diligence on her part.

But the question remains: why has a class action lawsuit not been filed against HP et al.?


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