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Samsung seeks to have almost $1bn shaved off property taxes for planned Texas semiconductor fab

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While we have certainly seen stories like that play out, especially in regards to data centers, I'd say there are some real benefits getting advanced fabs running on US soil. As Samsung and TSMC own production on advanced fab processes in the next couple process nodes, having all of the bleeding edge fabs on China's doorstep is a real concern.

And since the tax breaks currently being negotiated have a sunset period, the state will be able to re-assert more normal taxation down the road, once the fab is running full tilt. While Samsung doesn't NEED these incentives, Texas is playing a smart game to make sure the new fab doesn't end up in Prescott or Washington.

It may not be the best deal in history, but it's probably better then no deal. Why stop there though? Biden should ask for a credit in fab time for NASA and the three letter agencies.

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